Eccom was selected into IDC Financial Insights FinTech Ranking Top 100


Recently, as a famous specialized service provider for information technology, telecom industry, consumption-related scientific and technological consultancy, counseling and events, IDC released IDC Financial Insights FinTech Ranking Top 100 list. Among the three Chinese companies selected into the Top 100 list, Eccom ranked the 67th place as the only service provider of IT infrastructures.

The original English meaning of Fintech (the abbreviation of “finance + technology”) is “financial science and technology”. Fintech is an extremely fashionable concept in the present European and American financial and Internet circles, with its core being “driving financial innovation with technology”. Predictably, FinTech will gradually become a normal state and will even become a mainstay in the future finance industry. It will not only bring about more efficient financial service and higher production efficiency, but also create a brand-new lifestyle and drive life into a better phase, which is exactly what the highest value of technological innovation lies in.

As a trustworthy new provider of IT integrated service, Eccom boasts years of industrial experience in system integration and professional service。 With its leading technology in the industry, its excellent professional team, its outstanding software and hardware solutions, its distinguished service capacity, its passion for active innovation, and its belief in “honoring commitments”, Eccom has won the unanimous trust and applause of customers。