Build Security Beyond the Cloud – Records of the First National Brokerage Conference of ECCOM


In July 2017, ECCOM held a brokerage conference in Yinchuan themed with “Build Security Beyond the Cloud”. A total of 15 brokers from all over the country were invited to the meeting, a true high level National Brokerage Conference. The meeting was carefully prepared and planned with special speeches and sharing sessions.

Many current affairs and hot topics were mentioned on the meeting. During discussions on the subject of "Cloud computing and operation practice for brokers under the new circumstances of IT industry", ECCOM was proposed to be the one able to construct a new future-oriented IT framework for customers, making agile business delivery reality. ECCOM thought network security needs to evolve from old individual, last-minute-fight mode into integrated security-framework protection mode, coping with unpredictable changes by staying steady. In sharing session, one participant mentioned that security was actually an entire ecology, requiring not only good enough fundamental technical guarantee but also gradually perfecting management system as well as enhancing safety awareness; another argued that it’s necessary to build standardized process and system, constantly improve the automation level of IT operation and keep close collaboration between Operation and Development departments on monitoring and automatic changes in order to improve the integrated capability of a team.

The meeting was praised and appreciated by many brokers present, noting that they not only learned about the latest technology trends from the meeting but also got the chance to communicate with peers. ECCOM did a fabulous job in organizing, speaking and team building throughout the event.