ECCOM Was Invited to the Championship Awards of China University Network Technology Contest


On September 16th, the first session of the China University Computer Contest- Network Challenge Finals was held at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, where college students from all over the country gathered together and compared notes about network technology. ECCOM was invited to be the referee and to give awards.

Chinese University Computer Contest- Network Challenge is the highest-level Chinese university student contest sponsored by the Ministry of Education Instruction Committee, which mainly focus on computer network (including Route Switching, Cloud Computing, Network Security, etc。)。 A total of 172 colleges and universities and up to 7,500 students signed up。 After campus competitions and regional tournaments, 180 students grouped in 60 teams from 36 colleges and universities participated in the National Finals。

2017 saw the first Chinese University Computer Contest – Network Challenge, which was sponsored and all the way supported by CISCO exclusively. As a fabulous partner of CISCO, ECCOM was invited to the Finals. At the awards ceremony, Li Junfeng as deputy party secretary of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Ms. Xiao Jieyun as chief executive officer of CISCO Greater China and the vice president of ECCOM together gave awards to the winning students, praising their outstanding performance and encouraging them to keep learning and grow up into the elites in such an Internet era.

After the Challenge, ECCOM Network offered a talk to the teachers and students present, introducing the company profile, corporate culture, and the company’s training plans and evaluation system for graduating students were highlighted. The talk ended by chanting the slogan -“Road of Network Has Been Started by ECCOM”, and received very good response. At the very time of 2018 campus recruitment, it’s certain that this contest created an amazing opportunity to attract more students ambitious for network technology to know about ECCOM and even join in the company.