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Operation and Maintenance Service

The traditional IT operation and maintenance service is more of a “responsive” support service, while the operation and maintenance service of ECCOM network gradually transforms the responsive support service into a package of service. Through active monitoring and operation and maintenance management, customers can obtain more worry-free and better effect all-round service, which belongs to a “managed” IT service. It will provide customers with service content with the following functions:


 Fault detection

By receiving, analyzing, and storing the system information of the managed object, the abnormal problem of the managed object is detected.


● Performance monitoring

MonitorING the performance indicators of the customer system in real time, such as equipment CPU, memory utilization, important port traffic, service status, etc。 and store relevant historical information for analysis。


● Active alarm

For the detected abnormal problems or the abnormal performance compared with the set standard, warning information can be sent according to the pre-established warning strategy.


● Configuration backup

According to the backup strategy, the system configuration of the managed object is backed up regularly to improve the running safety; it also provides a comparison with the historical configuration, which is helpful to find hidden dangers and solve problems quickly。


● Change of operation

The changes include information point changes, configuration changes, and topology changes. Information point change refers to the routine change of the pre-authorization of the customer, such as adding, deleting and changing IP phone and VPN account numbers. This operation only affects the part of personal rights setting and will not affect the customer's network. Equipment configuration change refers to providing customers with network equipment configuration level change services based on their needs. The changes include equipment software upgrades, equipment configuration modifications, etc. Topology change refers to providing users with network structure level services such as deployment, modification and relocation of network hardware and software.


● Remote operation

Through system connection and certain security policies, the service delivery center can remotely operate the managed object, which is beneficial to quick response and cost reduction。


● Report forms

Provide real-time query of historical data and generate complex statistical reports according to requirements, and provide data support for scientific decision-making.


● Process assistance

Cooperating with customer's operation and maintenance management and offering powerful process tools to help straighten out their operation and maintenance organization, improve efficiency and improve results.


The value that operation and maintenance brings to customers includes: ensuring that limited resources are used to support the most important core business, freeing enterprise it personnel from the role of “firefighters” and enabling it departments to focus on services and applications with key values; improving the flexibility of enterprise it personnel arrangement and management; contacting with cutting-edge technologies and skills to support and strengthen the maintenance and management power of enterprise IT departments, improving business performance and obtain external benchmarks; improving and enhancing the quality of it services; as well as saving and controlling costs and improving the organization's financial situation.


Tel    : 400-820-5-820,800-820-5-820
mail  :
web  : www.ECCOM.NET.CN



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