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Remote Operation and Maintenance

Solution Description

The main services of ECCOM remote operation and maintenance services include:

Network monitoring service

It is a process of collecting operation status information of the customer network equipment through the ECCOM management system (neteagle) and discovering, analyzing and identifying the faults and risks in the customer network environment is found based on the system log, performance index, operation status and other event information of the customer network equipment.


Network change service

● Change of information point

Complete routine changes to the pre-authorization of the customer, such as adding, deleting and modifying IP phone and VPN account numbers. This operation only affects the personal rights setting part and will not affect the customer network.

● Equipment configuration change

Providing the customer with the change service of network equipment configuration level based on the customer's needs. The changes include: equipment software upgrade, equipment configuration modification, etc.

● Topology change

Providing users with network structure level services such as deployment, modification and relocation of network hardware and software.



Solution Benefit

ECCOM remote operation and maintenance service realizes high-quality demand delivery through the way of trinity of people, process and tools.


People - professional network operation center service desk provides round-the-clock and uninterrupted remote operation and maintenance services. In terms of personnel positions, the ECCOM NOC team has defined different roles, including NOC engineers, major account engineers, and NOC duty managers. These positions can be set up to better provide high-quality remote operation and maintenance services for all kinds of customers.


Process - ECCOM has a complete set of business processes for response to requests, fulfillment of requests, monitoring and changes. The process has not only strict sequence restrictions, but also clear arrangements and definitions of the content, methods and responsibilities of the process.


Tools - ECCOM uses two professional tools to support high-quality delivery of remote operation and maintenance services.

● Based on ITIL theory and many years of network system integration experience, ECCOM has developed a powerful network management system (neteagle). ECCOM's network management products are aimed at ensuring safe production and improving network service quality management. They are aimed at establishing an effective network management process system. Starting from the aspects of rapid fault location and removal, equipment performance detection, network traffic and capacity analysis, IT operation and maintenance processes, they comprehensively monitor network operation, rapid fault detection and recovery, standardize network operation and maintenance, and ensure uninterrupted provision of IT services.

● In order to meet the7 * 24 service needs of more customers and bring better service experience to customers, we use RMS system to establish independent uninterrupted cloud virtual machines of 7 * 24 for each NOC customer through Microsoft cloud platform. For NOC engineers, all customer networks are unrelated, uninterrupted, and parallel. It is an important tool for NOC teams to carry out their work smoothly and efficiently.


Tel    : 400-820-5-820,800-820-5-820
mail  :
web  : www.ECCOM.NET.CN



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